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We provide individuals and medical professionals with fast, accurate translations on an as-needed basis to ensure patients and providers have error-free medical information at their disposal. Accuracy is vital in the medical field and translating documents can be problematic without the services of a qualified Russian translator who has experience in the medical field. We love languages and we love making our clients happy! Our company is crazy with creating only the best customer experience.

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We are philanthropic at heart and we love helping people in need of translation. With us you will never miss a word, a thought or an idea!

From common terms and phrases to the most modern and advanced medical and pharmaceutical information, our translators are able to work in many fields of medicine to ensure the safety and health of patients as well as the professional integrity of providers.


We don't cut corners or look for the quickest routes - we work hard! To ensure the highest quality of medical translation, we follow our top-notch quality control process, which allows us to deliver excellent translations - at all times.


We are a team of highly credentialed translation professionals. We engage only the most skillful and knowledgeable translators. We are the best in the Russian medical translation industry.

Fair pricing

We're a humanly human translation company and our philosophy is based on the belief that every person deserves access to a superb and inexpensive translation.

Short turnaround

We're quick - we're cheetah-quick! The fastest turnaround time is guaranteed. Most of standard document translations such as birth certificates are ready within 24 hours.


We have everything you are looking for in a professional language service - excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and inside-out knowledge of the medical translation industry. From a vaccination record to a complex pharmaceutical documentation, we do it all!

medical records

Personal documents

  • Vaccination records
  • Medical records
  • Insurance forms
  • Discharge summary
  • Test results
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Treatment report
medical device

Documentation for medical devices

  • User guides
  • Computer modules
  • Employee manuals
  • Regulatory submissions

Pharmaceutical documentation

  • Packaging and label text
  • Instructions
  • Informed consent forms
  • Consent certificate
  • Brochures
  • Case reports
  • Investigation agreements
  • Study protocols
  • Safety reports


It's always a good time to drop us a line - we try to answer emails even on weekends and holidays - so, don't be shy and send us your message!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-951-6481

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