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Notarized Translation by Russian Notary Public

on the territory of the Russian Federation

We are one of a few translation companies in the United States, which offer a notary certified translation of American documents made on the territory of the Russian Federation. A notary public registered in Russia will notarize our translations. This means that you are getting a notarized translation, which will be accepted by any government or private organization in Russia, such as Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Sberbank, etc. We will take care of everything! Of course, you will have to mail us your original documents to an address in Russia. Once the translation is notarized, we will mail it to the intended organization/place in Russia.

Please note that prior to starting this process, you have to put an Apostille on your document at your local Secretary of State. It's an easy and a straight-forward process, which can be done at a minimal fee.

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To initiate the process, please convert your document to an electronic format by scanning or taking a high-quality picture - we accept all file types. Please email us your documents to [email protected] Or send document photos straight from your phone via WhatsApp: +1-773-790-8913

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We will email you the price and turnaround time, as well as payment details. You can make a payment with a credit/debit card, PayPal or Zelle.

Review translation

You will mail us the original documents to Russia. Once the translation is ready, we will send you a draft of translated documents for your review.


We will notarize our translations in Russia and mail the documents to the intended party. We will provide you with a tracking number for your mailed documents.


We came across many instances when Russian authorities won't accept documents translated and executed in the United States by the American notary public. A few examples of such documents might be a Power of Attorney, Life Certificate (Свидетельство о нахождении в живых), Statement of the fact that the person resides at a certain place, some educational documents.

Those who lived in Russia know that a notary certification made in the United States and Russia differs greatly. A Russian notary public will indicate the total amount of numbered pages, which are bound, signed and sealed. This means that the pages of your document will be physically sewn together. There is going to be a statement from a notary pulic indicating the date, place, and notarial registry number.


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Phone: 1-800-951-6481

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